Green Roof Waterproofing
Green Roof Waterproofing

Green Roof Waterproofing – The increase in green roofs has transformed the outlook of dense cities from a concrete jungle to a delightful urban paradise with beautiful plants and wildlife.

The benefits to the environment are infinite. Green roofs bring gardening opportunities and create new habitats for birds and insects.

Green roofs can also help keep houses cool in hot climates, purify the air, and filter pollution from rainfall.

While the advantages of a green roof are clear, it is also vital to protect your roof from potentially harmful water leaks.

Because grass roofs hold so much moisture, any cracks or weaknesses can quickly become a significant problem.

Property owners can avoid replacing sections or entire roofs without sufficient waterproofing, which can be expensive.

Fortunately, our team can help you avoid such problems by creating a fully watertight roofing system that is perfect for your needs at a price within your budget.

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Providing Waterproofing Solutions for Green Roofs

For your green roof to last without the risk of property damage, ensuring it includes a waterproofing solution you can trust is vital.

Thanks to our experience in waterproofing, we can provide a certified roofing system that will never disappoint you.

Whatever the shape or material of your roofing, we can guarantee affordable and sustainable waterproofing coatings that will protect your property while your green roof flourishes.

We provide many different approaches that can be customized to the needs of your individual property and the design of your rooftop garden.

Main Types of waterproofing layers available:

Liquid applied waterproofing coating
Liquid-applied waterproofing coating
  • Preformed sheets
  • Liquid applied coatings.

We can offer both systems and design a unique roofing system comprising various layers to ensure optimum protection for your particular rooftop garden.

Our experienced team can visit your property to offer advice and create the right roof waterproofing system for your property at a price that suits your needs.

Waterproof Preformed Sheets

One of our waterproofing layers consists of preformed sheets of various durable and waterproof sheets. These are available in many different materials, including:

  • asphalt sheeting
  • reinforced polyester felt
  • damp proof membrane
  • rubber pond liners

Our preformed sheeting options are highly resistant and can withstand damage from plant roots, UV rays, and insects.

Many of these products carry a 50-year guarantee to protect your roof for the life of your garden. Most of our sheeting is also completely waterproof and resistant to rot.

Waterproof sheeting is also surprisingly lightweight, leaving you more flexibility when choosing materials for your rooftop garden.

Liquid Applied Coatings

One of the significant advantages of liquid-applied coatings is that they dry to leave a completely seamless finish.

This ensures your roof sealant has no potential weak spots. We provide many types of coatings, including:

  • polyurethane liquid membrane
  • liquid rubber
  • plastic resin liquid
  • reinforced bitumen coating
  • crystalline concrete

Many of our waterproof liquid sealants are made with environmentally friendly products that will not negatively impact your choice of vegetation.

They are also highly UV resistant and protect your property from weather damage.

A Bespoke Waterproofing Solution For Your Property

Applying White Polymer Coating For Waterproofing
Applying White Polymer Coating For Waterproofing

Every property is different, and every green roof is unique. Your choice of garden features, including plants, grass, walkways, and water, will vary depending on your preference and needs.

Our team of experts is available to offer first-class advice and can design the perfect waterproofing solution for your particular needs.

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Excellent Value for Money

We only use the best quality materials to ensure your green roof waterproofing solution will last as long as possible.

We buy all our materials in bulk and have a secure network of trustworthy suppliers to offer our customers the best prices.

Whatever your budget, our team of friendly staff will be able to find the ideal waterproof roofing options for your needs.

Highly Skilled Staff

Our installation team is highly qualified and skilled artisans able to produce superb results.

We believe in professional learning for our staff and ensure every team member is up to date with all training certificates.

We also have an excellent team of experienced professionals who have worked with us for many years.

This experience helps us ensure that your green roof is fitted to the highest standards with excellent artistry.


Thanks to our experienced team of experts, we have an extensive collection of testimonials from happy customers who remain just as pleased with their waterproofing solution many years after installation. Please see below for some examples:

“My property is a rather unusual shape with some sloping and flat roofs. Other waterproofing tools had let me down within a short period. My new waterproof roof is beautiful, and there have been no issues. The friendly staff helped me decide what plants to put on my grass roof!”

“Amazing value for money! I now have a roof I feel truly confident with. Thank you.”

“From the first consultation to the design of my roof, I found the team very knowledgeable, and it helped that they were able to come to the house at a time that suited me.”

“No more leaks, and my rooftop garden is the envy of all my friends. I can finally sleep well at night without worrying the ceiling might fall in!”

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Professional Green Roof Waterproofing
Professional Green Roof Waterproofing

Whatever your waterproofing issue, our team has an affordable solution for you. All you need to do to arrange a free quotation is call our offices today.

We’ll be able to listen to your needs to fully understand your green roof plans to ensure we provide the best quality waterproofing you can count on.

Our team of designers will provide various different-priced options so that you can choose the solution you prefer.

The quote is free, and there is absolutely no obligation to proceed. We also include a range of pricing plans to fit every budget.

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Whatever your waterproofing issue, our team has an affordable solution for you. All you need to do to arrange a free quotation is call our offices today!