What is waterproofing

Waterproofing can be described as the process of making a structure or an object to be water-resistant or water waterproof in order to prevent water penetration or to keep it relatively unaffected by water. It’s a kind of protective or treatment measure that is usually taking to prevent unwanted liquids penetration on the substrate from hydrostatic pressure or other external force like a capillary. This is a process that enables a seamless system through the use of water resistant-materials such as emulsions, sealants, adhesive, composite and other synthetic water-based polymer or resin coating that has no or zero tolerance for water. It has various methods of application such as injected, installed, filled, impregnated, poured and other methods. Waterproofing system that serves as protection for buildings, installations and other structural components against water is known as (anti seepage waterproofing) while waterproofing system that prevents construction materials from seepage of corrosive fluids or harmful effects of wetting is called anti corrosion waterproofing. Now we have the meaning of waterproofing, so let’s take a look at why waterproofing is important.

Why you need waterproofing

If you are not using a waterproofing system and water find its way into your building through the ceilings and walls. This could result in the appearance of mold and mildew. However, results in creation spores that can cause many health challenges. You know when spores get into the air, one can easily breathe it in without knowing, and cause health challenges. That’s why you should have a waterproofing system so as not to compromise the well-being of your family.

The interior part of your homes such as the floors, the insulation and even foundation can be exposed to an unpredictable outside condition like simple rays and rains. Are your walls well secured by concrete, steel and other during construction. Do you know long exposure to these elements, especially rain could have an effect on the building in the long run? Your concrete can crack, and iron get rust. What are the steps you are taking to prevent this? Well, in case you don’t know before. When you waterproof your home, It will help prevent your walls from water seepage, thus preventing water damages from happening and strengthen your building.

Since we all know that prevention is always better than cure, don’t wait until moisture finds its way to enter your building because when it does, the moisture might have done some inner damages before you detect them. And this result in property damage and could cost you a lot of money for the repair. You need to think on long-term to save your property from damages and prevent it from happening when the cost of investment on waterproofing system is low compare to the cost to repair damaged property.

It is better to waterproof your building as early as possible to promote long term comfort. In the sense that when you waterproof your building, it will help you keep moisture away from your building which means you have to worry about your building anymore, thus focus on your family and something else. Next, let me share some tips on how to choose the best waterproofing contractor company for your project.

How to choose the right waterproofing service in Singapore?

Checking if the company you want to hire are licensed or not, will let you know if the contractor you are planning to employ is a professional contractor that can provide the waterproofing solutions you need. Nowadays, most companies have own website which makes it more convenient for customers to about their quote, you can easily check their website to see if a list of their credentials is available, if yet and seems to be unsatisfied or probably want to be on a safer side. However, you can check if they are listed among the official company on building and construction Authority. If they are licensed, then you can go ahead, but if they don’t, it’s a red flag you need to step back and keep looking unless you want to put your property and resources at risk.

Before you hire a waterproofing contractor since experience does matters when you are choosing a waterproofing contractor. Though you might hire a waterproofing contractor who is new to the business and hire their services, I doubt, It can ever be the same quality as experienced contractors because most of these new contractors might only know the theory aspect but have not fully practised it.

Another important factor to consider when you want to hire a waterproofing contractor. Choose a waterproofing contractor who has a fair warranty. Although having a fair warranty does not always mean they are better service, but it’s just an assurance that the company are competent, and there are chances they might use quality products. And also warranty ensures that no or lesser additional costs will be involved to resolve the matter in case anything goes wrong or their job is not done properly.

It is important to read reviews of the company you are about to hire,  you can these on the service provider of their website, or you can check it on social media or on discussion sites, by doing so you will know their past customer’s experience, reviews and feedbacks and know if they are reputed company.

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