Foundation Waterproofing
Foundation Waterproofing

Foundation waterproofing keeps your home safe and in place for as long as you’d expect, giving you a secure home for your peace of mind. Water can have a far-reaching impact on your

Foundation waterproofing involves installing materials or systems that prevent water infiltration through your building’s foundation.

A benefit of this service is that it prevents damage to your home and ensures that it stays intact for as long as you want.

Remember, water can cause significant damage to your building’s foundation through cracks and mold growth.

Dealing with these damages can be incredibly stressful, so we offer foundation waterproofing services to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Why Is Foundation Waterproofing Necessary?

Water Damage in Home
Water Damage in Home

Foundation waterproofing is vital for your building foundation, for it helps keep your building’s base sturdier and more supportive of the weight above.

We recommend this service for the following reasons:

  • Protects against water damage – Water can be a force to reckon with when keeping your home in perfect shape. Water damage can invite costly repairs, but waterproofing your building’s foundation can prevent mold growth, cracks, and overall structural damage.
  • Maintains your building’s structural integrity – Water can also weaken particulate bonds, making your structure less stable and violating the code. That can get you into paying out huge lump sums in fines, which is something you’d never want.
  • It saves you money eventually – You may have to invest more when procuring our waterproofing services. Nonetheless, you can afterward rest assured that you won’t have to spend more cash doing damage repairs.
  • Increases your property value – Selling your home having solid foundation waterproofing can go a long way when selling your home. Allowing us to waterproof your building’s foundation will significantly increase your home value quite as much.

How Do We Waterproof Your Foundation?

Apply Waterproofing
Apply Waterproofing

We follow a more rigorous and comprehensive process when waterproofing your buildings.

Our sophisticated and latest technologies are second to none; we stop at nothing but ensure we can guarantee the best results.

Our foundation waterproofing services include:


We understand the importance of assessing buildings before installing waterproofing works.

That ensures we identify the areas of your building that need simple retouching or a complete overhaul to ensure the process is effective. We perform:

  • Virtual inspections
  • Moisture testing
  • Drainage system evaluation
  • Soil condition analysis
  • Identification of possible water sources

It’s way easier to address the root cause of water infiltrating into your building if we understand why it occurs.

It also ensures that we save on repair time and get you in your best headspace if you’re worried about your building’s structural robustness.


Preparing for Waterproofing
Preparing for Waterproofing

A cleaner and smoother working area can be ideal, so we must remove every debris and declutter the foundation area that needs waterproofing repairs.

A drier and smoother surface can be easier to work on when installing waterproofing systems and can ensure that the results you achieve are long-lasting and high-quality.


Our experts understand the importance of making well-thought sealing and will ensure that your foundation doesn’t allow room for water to infiltrate.

Our sealing material consists of a waterproofing membrane or coating on your building’s foundation walls, creating a sturdy barrier.


If you prefer installing a drainage system, our team of experts ensures that water doesn’t pool around your building.

Instead, the drainage system will direct the water away, leaving your lawn dry and unbothered when it rains.

Water pooling far away from your building can also remove potential health hazards, including mosquito breeding that can cause malaria and other health issues.

Financial inspection: 

We don’t vacate your premises before ensuring that your building is safe and that our effort can positively impact you.

That should ensure that our services meet your expectations and that they’re value for your money.

What our Customers Say About the Services You’ll Receive from Us

Professional Waterproofing
Professional Waterproofing

Our customers commend the quality of our services and can always want us to serve them again in the future.

As it’s our principle, we ensure that our services are practical for every client that chooses to engage us, and we work tirelessly to ensure that the results are worth it.

Below are some of our customers commenting on the foundation waterproofing services we offer:

This company came through for me when I needed their services, and I can’t help praising them for the quality they provided. I constantly feared that my house would weaken with time as water infiltrated the walls. However, thanks to this company, I can now live in my house without any worries.”

My basement was constantly sogged and has been irritating and uncomfortable, especially when working on my DIYs. This company came through for me, and the repair team was so receptive, dynamic, and seasoned. I’m glad that I found them when I needed them the most.

This company worked tirelessly to ensure that the work was done on time and was highly satisfactory to me. I feel happy that I found them when I needed them the most, and thankfully, they intended to put a smile on my face again.

Overall, our customers have been delighted with the services they’ve received from our foundation waterproofing company.

We strive to provide superb customer service and high-quality quality to protect our customers’ buildings from water damage.

Why Choose Our Foundation Waterproofing Services?

Why Choose Our Foundation Waterproofing Services
Applying Bituminous Primer On Concrete Slab

Choosing the services we offer at our company can be more valuable as we strive to ensure that your building is in the right shape.

We understand how vital building foundations are and why you should ensure that yours is solid and reliable enough to support the weight of the material above it.

Besides providing services guaranteeing your home is safe, we’re versatile enough to consider every client’s budget.

We can slightly compromise on the charges to ensure you obtain our services, which are all you need for a much safer building.

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Professional Waterproofing Service
Professional Waterproofing Service

If you’re in Singapore and want your house secured and safe from water damage, our company can help with that.

Feel free to contact us or request a quote for prices, and we’ll make sure you get peace of mind staying in your building!

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